Positron Emission Mammography (PEM)

Positron Emission Mammography (PEM) – For the latest in the fight against breast cancer.

The benefits of PEM are:

  • Allows physician to see cancer as small as a grain of rice
  • Compliments ultrasound, mammography and breast MRI in detecting local recurrent breast cancer
  • Provides optimal treatment in breast cancer care management in pre-surgical planning and monitoring response to therapy
  • High resolution PET scan for breast
  • Captures snapshot of cellular activity within mass

Patient Information for PEM Procedure

Patient Instructions and Preparations should be as follows:

  • Drink plenty of water the night before exam
  • Do Not eat or drink anything the day of exam
  • On the day of the exam, no gum chewing, no mints, no hard candy, no ice, no teeth brushing, no mouthwash, no tobacco chewing or smoking
  • Avoid exercise and unnecessary physical activity on the day of your appointment
  • Wear comfortable clothes, a two-piece outfit is best
  • Please let staff know if you might be pregnant or are currently breast feeding
  • Diabetic patients should not take their diabetic medications the morning of the PEM scan

On the day of the Procedure:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment for registration and procedure preparation. The appointment time is for the injection, not the scan.
  • After your injection with the radiopharmaceutical you will need to sit with no activity for about one hour before the scan.
  • 10-15 minutes before the scan, you will be asked to empty your bladder.
  • You will be sitting upright for your exam, each breast will be imaged in approximately three different positions. The breast will be compressed slightly similar to a mammogram but with less compression. Each image takes approximately 8-10 minutes.
  • The technologist will be with you during the entire examination.