DEXA Bone Density Studies in Lakeland, FL

What Is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by fragile, brittle bones that can easily fracture. Women are four times more likely than men to develop this disease. It affects more than 25% of postmenopausal women and 40% of women over 80 years of age.

As more and more Americans live longer, osteoporosis is gaining increased attention. With early detection, a number of treatments are available to maintain or improve bone density. At Women’s Imaging Center in Lakeland, Florida, we offer an osteoporosis screening called DEXA which is a bone density measurement. To schedule your osteoporosis screening, please call 863-688-2334 today.

    • All women 65+
    • Men 65+ with low testosterone levels
    • Women 50+ who have the following risk factors:
    • Caucasian or Asian ethnicity
    • Thin or small build
    • Family history of osteoporosis, spine or hip fracture
    • Early menopause (before age 45)
    • Smokers
    • Heavy drinkers
    • Long term use of acid reflux drugs (proton pump inhibitors)
    • Used a corticosteroid for 3+ months
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Inactive lifestyle

You may not have any of these risk factors and still develop osteoporosis. A bone density test at Women’s Imaging Center can provide the information your doctor needs to help you know your risk for certain.

  1. Eat a balanced diet rich in calcium and Vitamin D.
  2. Take daily multivitamins and calcium supplements.
  3. Do weight-bearing exercise.
  4. Reduce smoking and alcohol intake.
  5. Hormone replacement therapy and medications may also be indicated. Discuss medical treatment options with your referring physician.
  6. Avoid unsafe conditions which can lead to falls and fractures.
  7. Discuss your medications and their effect on your bone density with your referring physician.
  8. Bone density testing is recommended to know where you stand as far as bone health.

What is a bone density measurement?

A bone density measurement will determine your bone mineral density (BMD) for the area measured. Your results will then be compared to the average BMD of your same sex and race. This information will help determine if you need to take certain steps to protect your bone health. Our bBone density measurement is simple, safe, non-invasive and painless.

What is a DEXA bone density test?

DEXA (Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) is a quick, safe and painless X-ray-based test to determine bone density. By measuring bone strength, we can help predict fracture risk so that effective preventive therapy can be started with your doctor.

Women’s Imaging Center board-certified radiologists use an advanced DEXA bone densitometry system for greater comfort and lower radiation exposure, as well as the ability to more accurately predict fractures due to low bone mass.

Most private insurance and Medicare will cover bone density testing.

  1. There is no special preparation for your bone density screening. You may eat normally before your test.
  2. If you wear clothes without buttons, zippers or other metals, you will not need to take them off. Loose-fitting clothes such as sweatpants and sweatshirts are recommended.
  3. If you have had any kind of exam within the last week that required you to take barium, you should delay having this test.
  4. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire prior to your bone density test that will be helpful in evaluating test results.

DEXA bone densitometry is one of the easiest diagnostic imaging tests you can have. It takes less than 20 minutes, and only requires you to lie still during that time. You can wear comfortable clothing, preferably with no metal buttons, buckles or zippers. You do not have to undress for the test.

You will be exposed to very little radiation. In most cases, less than a standard chest Xx-ray. As with all medical procedures, be sure to tell your doctor if you are pregnant.

No, a bone scan helps to identify certain bone abnormalities such as infection, inflammation and cancer. It also requires an injection of radioactive material. A bone density measurement requires no special preparation, medication or injection.

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To learn more about our DEXA services please call Women’s Imaging Center at 863-688-2334. We proudly serve patients in the Greater Lakeland Area including Plant City, Lakeland Highlands, Auburndale, Kissimmee and more.

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